Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kalinka The State Symphony Capella of Russia Chief Conductor Valeri Polyansky

The State Symphony Capella of Russia , Company of 50 singers, was found in 1991 by merging of former USSA Stats Chamber Choir under Valery Polyanskiy and the State Symphony Orchestra of he former Ministry of culture headed by Gennady Rozhdestvensky.

The Capella is a renowned for its flexibility in phrasing, rich and warm tone, nobility of expression nd skillfully balanced sounding sections. The Capella’s repertoire includes classical works by such composers as Mozart, Schubert, Bruckner, Liszt, Verdi, Cherubini, Brahms, Britten, Devork, to name a few as well as traditional Russian Folk Songs, Rachmaninov’s The Bells and Stravinksy’s Wedding are amongst the Capella’s extensive repertoire.
Apart from Performing in Russia, The Capella has toured to Spain, Hungary, France, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Canada, England, Italy, and other European Countries. Over the years the Capella has received critical acclaims for the groups’ flawless technique, beautiful, tone, clear and precise intonation and unfailing attention to poetic words, In 2005, the Capella has also made a debut tour to Far East Visiting Hong Kong and Mainland China to celebrate the Christmas.

This is the time that I had a chance to sit in the hall to enjoy the great singers in the Holy Christmas day 25 Dec 2010. They had a good arrangement of the songs and the Climax was the last song Kalinka , probably the most famous Russian Folk Songs!
Little Snowberry, snowberry,

Snowberry of mine!

Little raspberry in the garden,

My little raspberry,

As, under the pine, the green one, lay me down o sleep.

Ah, rock-a-baby.

Lay me down to sleep,

Little Snowberry, snowberry,

Snowberry of mine!

Little raspberry in the garden,

My little raspberry!

Ah, little pine, little green one,

Don't rustle above me.

Ah, rock-a-baby.

Don't rustle above me.

Little snowberry, snowberry, Snowberry of mine!

Little raspberry in the garden,

My little raspberry!

Ah, you beauty, Pretty maiden.

Take a fancy to me,

Ah, rock-a-baby,

Take a fancy to me,

Little snowberry, snowberry, snowberry of mine!

Little raspberry in the garden, my little raspberry!

HK Snob

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ken Choi Fung Wah, one of the greatest HK Singers.

I met Ken Choi as for the first time. It was Chui Wah, where he used to take dinner.
Tall, quiet, low key, put on his causal wear as you and me does... Wearing sun glasses as one of his eyes was hurt in 2003. I had a chat to him and found him a decent, polite,humble guy.. I hope he can come back for a Concert and I am sure there are a lot of fans supporting him; that of course including HK Snob.
Ken, wish you all success... one of you fans...

HK Snob

Monday, November 1, 2010

Phonograph Die hard player

The phonograph CD Player has the looks of an 20's old-school record player, but plays CDs instead. It's essentially a gutted CD player with a laser pointer that doubles as a tone arm. If you are a pretty big vinyl fan, or lazy player for LP. While something like this wouldn't get me to ditch my records, it'd at least get my interests.
Designed by Yong Jieyu,


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shirley Horn Trio, The Garden Of the Blue

Shirley Horn-piano, Vocal;
Charles Ables-bass
Steve Williams- Percussions

Plays He's gone again,Old Country, Blue City, What should a woman do? The Great City and many more!

Shirley Horn's Autograph on the cover.

HK Snob

No Bass Hit

Dave Mckenna, piano; Scott Haminton , Tenor Saxophone; Jake Hanna, drums. They played the Jazz: But Not for me, I love you Sammatha, Easy to love, get Happy, If dreams come true...etc
Concord Record printed by Toshiba-EMI Japan, 1979.

Scott Haminton's Autographed Album

HK Snob

The Scott Hamilton Quintet

Scott Haminton, Warren Vache and Butch Miles plays Thru' for the night, Imagination, Warren's Rush, Scott's idea...etc/

Famous Door Records manufactured in Japan by Toshiba-EMI Ltd, in 1978.

Signatured Album.

HK Snob

Manhattan Jazz Quintet' s Autumn Leave (Autograph)

Lew Soloff, Trumpet: George Young, Tenor Sax; David Matthews, Piano; Charnett Moffet, bass; Steve Gadd, drums play the Autumn Leaves, Jordon, Recado Bossa Nova... King Record, Printed in Japan by NPc 1985 first Pressing.

Signatured LP!

HK Snob

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eric Clapton Crossroads

Needless to say, one of the best Song book from Eric Clapton!
printed in 1988. Germany by Polydor, Contains 25 years of all his works! How Can we miss this Album if we are one of the fans of Eric!

HK Snob

Tia Lui Fa The more or less the Greatest Cantonese Opera Music LP

This is The Green Vinyl printed in the USA, 4 LP Box set with a booklet of Lyrics,  the best of sound quality with Stereo recording for Playing the "Tai Lui Fa"  Once have been selling in the open market for HKD$12,000.00.

HK Snob

Elvis Presley By Request of Japanese Fans 4LP Album

Another one NOS... Collectible and of of very listenable LPs from Elvis... His songs are forever for those After 50's like I...

HK Snob

Elvis World Wide 50 Gold Award Hits, Vol 1. by RCA

An important Album for Fanes of Elvis. 4 LP Box Set printed by RCA, NOS, containing those Songs that would have been changed your thoughts towards life ahead and our beloved
Don' be cruel, Love me tender and loving you!

HK Snob

Jackie Chan Picture Disk LP

Since the Miracel Fist Movie, Jackie gained a lot of focus and notice from the movie audience in HK and gladually becoming famous the the South East Asia and then Japan after a few moive like Project A, Miracle...etc

These are some of his LP recording. NOS..

HK Snob

Tea for Two Cha Cha from Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

This is a NOS LP with the most famous Tea for Two, Rico Cacilon, Together 1-2-3...etc
1973 First Edition, rare to find! I Love it and Put the  "tea for two" in my Nokia N97 Mini as ring tone!

HK Snob

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Collectible Madonna 12" Picture Disc

HK Snob

Madonna Nudes 1979

This young girl stepped into a Paris Studio claimed to be a dancer and made certain nudes pictures.
This was well before she was becoming an international singer. Quite a bit hard to find, if you are a fan of her, you should keep one copy of it.

HK Snob

My Favourite Madonna LP

NOS Madonna Lp, contains her hits in 1984 including Like a Virgin, Angel and Material Girl
I like this Album, not just because of her voice and song, and the Sexiest Picture she made on the Cover!

HK Snob

Collectible Beatles Picture Disc

HK Snob

Madonna Picture disc Limited Edition

HK Snob

Madonna Fever

Madonna Fever Picture Disc, Limited Edition 19943.

HK Snob

Man's Tear

Jie Rui's famous Album in 60's, I like the Song " man's tear!" As the Chinese said Man can have blood but no tear. It is wrong for all great man can have tear... only coward and silly people who has no sympathy would not have any tear.

HK Snob

Orginal Sound Track of My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady

HK Snob

I have tried to take many shots, but this album cover is not easy to be handled, the pictiure is not good and blurred, but the content is just the oposite, Diamond and Rust is a very good song from Joan Baez.
The First release of this Album is very expensive!!

HK Snob

Carramba Los Machucambos

Los Machucambos is a group formed in Paris in August 1959 by Julia Cortes, Rafaêl Gayoso a Spaniard, and a Peruvian, Milton Zapata who was replaced by the end of the year 1960 by an Italian, Romano Zanotti.
The name Los Machucambos comes from the word the Indians of South America call the armadillo. An animal which is used to manufacture the charango, a kind of small mandoline, which is played by the group.
The trio quickly became famous thanks to the “Jeunesses musicales de France” network. This network helped release the song “La bamba”. La bamba won the Grand Prix of the l’Académie Française du disque. But the real breathrough came with “Pepito”, which launched them onto the international scene in 1961.

This was followed by many hits thanks to the exceptional and particularly expressive voice of Julia Cortes. Their repertoir is composed of light, dancable songs. But it is varied and comprises also South American folklore and songs written by the great names of the French chanson such as Charles Aznavour or Léo Ferré.

This is another example that lot of beautiful tune and Julia Cortes's special sweet voice would make you free cozy in your sofa, with a cup of Brazil Coffee....

HK Snob

Siu Fong Fong

Movie Main theme song, sung by Siu Fong Fong, a free gift from the lady shop keeper of Tim Key.

HK Snob

Sik Ka Yin and Chan Po Chu

I just got this as a gift from Tim Key This Afternoon. All these are the most popular stars in 60's.

HK Snob

Friday, May 14, 2010

Air France to Paris

This is a fast tour to Paris via First class service of Air France.
It carries the French tunes of:

Paris Perdu

Live for Life

Les Parapluies De Cherbourg

The April Fools

Un Homme Et Une Femme


There are background sweet lady broadcast message of the air port, cabin chatting of a air hostess?
We could feel the smell of the First Class Caviar and Champagne…
How fun this life could be? But the problem is this is Concorde, by time after your breakfast, it time for you to take your lunch at Paris airport…

Toshiba EMI, superb recording quality a blend of good mood, sentimental music, excellent  engineering in recording, a record to testify your system reproduction of the entire audio spectrum.

Or it may be an excuse for you to change the pre-pre-amp or the loudspeaker!

HK Snob

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Golden Hits of Chet Atkins

This is a new old stock sealed LP I got from the boss of Tim Key yesterday.! Well, Good price for such greatest Golden Hits of Chet Atkins Guitar!!

Music To watch Girls By
George Girl
A taste of Honey
Light my Fire
Lady Madonna

What Can you say about this LP!?. It is JVC Victor Japan pressing, double folder with only HKD$150.00!~

HK Snob