Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Best of James Bond 30th Anniversary Collection CD

British Secret Service Agent James Bond 007 was the creation of novelist Ian Faming. A former British naval intelligence officer, Feming wrote 12 novels and two short stories between 1952-1964 detailing the exploits of his fictional hero. The James Bond movie have been produced since 1962, collectively grossing an estimated $2.5 Billions worldwide. One of the reasons for their tremendous success is a formula that deftly interweaves action, humour, sex, suspense, Actions and the High technology weapons, never has there been a Bond movie that didn’t feature gorgeous woman, humour in the facing of imminent danger, an assortment of exotic weaponry and mechanical gadgetry suggested sexual liaisons, an evil villain and his murderous henchmen (and woman), larger-than-life plots, beautiful foreign locales, futuristic set designs, plenty of action in the hand-to-hand combat, high-calibre firepower, key chase, Aston Martin DB5, Lotus,
BMW chase on the road and cities, even going into water. And of course, a dramatic musical score.
As uttered 50 years ago By Sean Connery In the movie” Dr. No.” those word ushered in what was to become the most remarkable signature theme music in motion picture history.
Oscar-winning British composer John Barry’s exciting Classical Jazz creation: “The James Bond Theme.” Not only helped to propel character of James Bond into one of the most undefeatable international film hero ever, it set the tone for much of cinema and television’s soundtrack music to follow.
You can enjoy with those great Singers, Shirley Basseys’ “ Gold Finger and “Diamonda are forever!” Sheena Easton who made me enchanted, one of my idols for Sex!.Rita Coolidge, I have a series of Rita LP, the Long haired beauty and her beautiful voices treat me mellow and tender comfort at night when I am feeling down, the unforgettable tunes of Matt Monro’s “From Russia With Love”! and Also Lousi Amstrong’s “ We have all the time in the world; another nice song other than his famous “What a Beautiful World”
You should buy this 1992 CD, only listen the First “James bond Theme” and The “007” would be make such a great Xmas night ever been so vibrant1 so charming and grand…
HK Snob

Friday, December 23, 2011

Vinyl is Getting Popular again in Hong Kong

Lesser people knows, understands what Analogue music produced from the MC cartridge comparing with thee Digital music read by the Laser head. Especially the music was produced by the JLB 4343 Loudspeaker.
New people is happy with their MP3 device, which can store 15,000 music played by a tiny ear pieces.
Less then 0.01% of HK people goes to concert for Classic music a year.
Ask them Chopin is Chinese? I bet 3 out of 10 say “Yes”
Even some audiophile never goes to concert and always raise complaint to the Loudspeaker supplier that can not generate the 16 Hz Bass at his room. Why he need that kind of Bass?! Why is there is no 16Hz, that the music will lose it texture!? It is a matter of mis-understanding.

US now has sold 1.5 million LPs in 2010, though is not much comparing withe the total populaiton, but sales of LP is rising in US.
Same case in Hong Kong, note that is Wei Wei Music shop in MongKok, there is a lot of LPdisplayed at the windows. and obviously more and more people find out the fun to play Vinyl rather than the CD or MP3...

Mong Kok Snob

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The best of the 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett

My favourite pieces In this Album is: The Good, the bad and the Ugly, and Maria Elena!
I hope that this beautiful music tunes will last forever as I think no one would say no to listening to this music. I believe the Gen-Y may also try to spend time on this kind of music with every musical tune being dug out form the grooves of the analogue Vinyl.
Well, honesty, they won’t as they never search for this key words “Vinyl, LP, Maria” from Google.
What a great loss to the true music that would speak to your heart!
HK Snob

Beyond's LPs

This is some of my Beyond's LP collection.

HK Snob

Van Mc Coy's "African Smyphony"

This African Symphony is a very dynamic, melodic, enchanting, started with an African war drum marches at dawn, Zulu is preparing for defending their lands, food and home preparing for fighting for survival from the invasion of western Civilization.
Echoes of the forest, following by breeze from the seas, warmth of sunshine after the peace has been exchanged with bravery of soldiers. A Magnificent tune for our audio equipment, a piece of music that has been sued by RTHK for 33 years on their Annual HK Chinese Golden Song as main theme, the opening music of High School Base ball tournament for many years in Japan.
Song and Music of this album including the Super Hit “The Hustle”, another master piece arranged and Conducted by Van Mc Coy in 1967, three years before he died of heart attack at age of 39!

This is the Short form of Original Van Mc Coy’s African Symphony at Youtube.

African Snob

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hawkins! Alive in the Village Gate New York 1962

One of my favourite Jazz album Hawkins Alive at the Village Gate
Recorded at Art D’lugoff’s Village Gate, New York City, Aug 13 and 15, 1962.
The Coleman Hawkins quartet treats Mack the Knife as the popular jazz pieces it has become, Hawkins’ opening solo is near perfect example of a great musician focusing all his feeling, his musical intelligence, and his affecting conceits on a good song, He plays eight stanzas of the ballad on his first solo, stats a nine and suddenly abandons it to the piano. I particularly fond of the double bass solo at mid of the music, it is so vivid intense and good tone in for the Loudspeaker to response to the peak of the magnitude… If is so much feel like it fill up the room with the greatest piece if the jazz, the Marantz 8B power amplifier matches with the Harbeth HL Compact to push for the maximum jazz atmosphere turning my small living room into the basement of a jazz cabinet in the New York City, and I could stop my legs shakes as according to the music melody… what a great album that you can not miss. I wish I could find the original first release….!!
This is Rolling Stone FIVE STAR record… We should have it…
New York Snob

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Likely the best Cantonese Record from Teresa Tang

This is a LP made for Cantonese sung by Teresa Tang.
Likely this is the best listening LP made by the greatest song and music composers.
Wong Chim, and Ku Ka Fai, Lo Kwok Tsim, Heung Sher Wer.
The best beloved song is 2nd Song on Side one, and the first one n Side 2.
Try and I am sure you should have this LP if you are die hard fan of Teresa!
Ps Picture was taken by Roberlam ( Kong Kong's famous Photographer).

The record was printed by Polydor in HK in 1983. There is no Japanese pressing. of course the quality of the studio works is no the best amongts of Teresa's article. But the Songs is great!

HK Snob

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Poet of The Sea

This is One of best beloved Light Music pieces including Ebb Tide, Pearly Shells, Sleepy Lagoon, Beyond the reef, Perlenfischer, beyond the Sea, Bali Ha'i, the Shadow of your smile, Sail along silv'ry moon, Red Sails in the sunset, Harbour Lights, and Theme from " A Summer Place" Played by Blue Sea Grand Orchestra, printed by JVC.

Japan Snob

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Rio Carnival Orchestra Play for a Honeymoon in South America

This is an Important LP, as it was bought by my father in 1965, at HKD$25.00 in Tung Tau Village that there is a Record shop at side of the street...
We listened together using a Denon all tube grand console, FM, AM SW and LP Hi Fi system which has a heavy ceramic Pick up cartridge and a big needle like stylus that had tortured manay time on thsi LP.. The music was to warm and sweet, I have been keeping this record for then 40 years as a remembering my father who taught me on no sweat no gain… and he place me in important role in the family as I am the eldest son…and most of all he taught me on how to enjoy music and he taught me Kung Fu…
This is Rio Carnival Orchestra Play for a Honeymoon in South America.

The Rio Carnival Orchestra with its dazzling strings and pulsating rhythm section takes us on a thrilling musical adventure in South America.
The Tango of the Argentines, the Brazilian Sambas, the Boleros and tropical Cha-Cha- the are all here…
This is the Mood of the album, turn on your Phonograph and or so called Hi Fi syetem and say “adios” to your troubles- we are going to on a Honey Moon in South America with the one I love… Ice!

South America Snob

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bert Kaempfert at his best Vol.2 Strangers In The Night

This is a superb Recording of Bert Kaempfert and his orchestra plays
The Strangers in the Night and his best tunes such as Fascination, Moon Light serenade, Tijuana Taxi, Stardust, Autumn Leaves, The breeze and I, Twilight time….
Polydor record printed in Japan in year 1980.
Amount them I like Fascination, it touches your heart by the sweet tone in the quiet night of summer, that resembles your beloved whispering at your ear “I love You” It was chosen as the and that theme music for RTHK music programme for more than 10 years.
This is the best music after I came back home lading from CX …after overseas trip.

Look at the woman on the album, she has all the best proportion of what a beautiful face should have...God creates this beautiful woman, god created Bert Kaempfert and his beautiful pieces of music!
German Snob

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Most Popular Classic Tunes in the World 1970-2047?

Your hundred best Tunes” advised and presented by Alan Keith, has for some years been a very Popular BBC Radio programme, Broadcast each Sunday evening Radio 2. The programme is compiled from selection of world’s favourite melodies, base on Listener’s requests. From time to time, list of the top 100 most frequently requested tunes is produced and these records contain the top 25 tunes from the most recent list. Published in the Radio Times during 1970.
My favoruite includes:-
No. 1 Sibelius Finlandia London Proms Symphony Orch/Charles Mackerra
No. 2 Mascagni Cavalleria Rusticana-Intermezzo Orch/Zu Bin Mehta
No. 3 Johann Strauss Casanova- Nun’s Chorus Joan Sutherland/new Phiharmonia Orch/Ambrosian Light Opera/Richard Bonynge
No. 4 Bach: Cantata No.147-Jesu, joy of man’s desiring
Coventry Cathedral boys’ Choir/David :Lapine/Robert Weddle (organ)
No.5 Beethoven: symphony no. 6 “pastoral” –Shepherds’ Thanksgiving after the strom”
“L’Orchestre De La Suisse Romande/Ernest Ansermet
No. 6 Verdi: Nabucco- Chrous of the Hebrew slaves
London Symphony Orchestra/Ambrisian Singers/Claudio Abbado
No. 7 Elgar : enigma variations-Nimrod
London Symphony Orchestra/Pierre Monteux
No.8 Zeller:der Obersteiger-Don’t be Cross
Hilde Gueden/Vienna State Orch/Vienna Operetta Chrous/Robert Stolz
No.9 Bruch: Violin Concerto No.1 –Adagio
Ruggiero Ricci/London Symphony Orch/Pierino Gamba
No. 10 Beethoven :Piano Sonata No. 14. “Moonlight”- Adagio Wiheim Backhaus (piano)

This is everyone' favourite music, and they are Classic of the Tomorrow. When I did hiking , one of my friend told me that when you start to like listening to Classic, meaning that you are getting old. Well, I started listening Classical Music back to early in 1976, when I entered the HK Classic Music Centre in Prince Edward Road. It was the Tchaivosky Symphony No. 6 Pathique playing through a simple Marantz 1030 (30 Watts per channel) and Bose 301 Loudspeaker...a 8" two way book shelf. the Music was so melodic, passonate and romantic. nice and easy tune... It was the first moment I enjoyed Classical Music and I bought the LP of course...So to me Classic is the music, and if you still yet find out the quintessence of the classic... it is never too late!

If you have a chance to get this LP, try to put it on your turn table, turn up the volume at 10 oclock position. Open a half bottle of red wine, serve with a drumstick of Roasted Goose Left leg... you will understand that there is no need to be a millionaire to get to the closer point to enjoy the best essence of life... of course your wife should not be around...

HK Snob

A Decent Collections of 鄧麗君 Teresa Tang's Vinyl LPs on Sales

Teresa Tang (鄧麗君) has a special Angel’s sweet voice, she sang when she was 13 only started in Taiwan. I have been listening for her LP for many years and I started to collect her LP in 1990.
I was a bit regret that I sold of my precious LPs (Actually Three of them to one folk in Singapore in 2008. and I had never able to get them again!)
Well, my love to appreciation to Teresa has not been diminished after time, in fact, I like her more than the past. In China , more and more people are going to search for her LPs and the price is rising year by year, when I first bought the Japanese pressing in 10 year ago, it was about HKD350. Now it is about HKD$2,000. And some of them reached HKD$3,000. I am speculating that one day this Japanese pressing LP will reach 10 times as of today in China in 5 years time. Let’s watch out…Amongst those, I love the one she sang in Japan in 1973 most. (the top Right one of the first picture)

HK Snob

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Legendary Chinese Hits Vol. 1 by Chow Hsuan

Since I have already mesmerizied Chow Hsuan from her Vinyl, I had searched for her CD Today in the shops at Mong kok. I found one set of Vol.1-Vol 4 in Record Shop today. I bought Vol.1 Only at HKD$350.00 I am glad that this is Toshiba issues, Printed in Japan 1992. very Sentimental songs, the recording quality is very good, only one thing is Mono but who cares?

Mong Kok Snob

The Largest Vinyl Shop in HK

Record Shop is running by Yau who has been selling LP for more than 25 years in HK.
He spends 3 weeks a month in searching good Vinyl in Japan. His Sister is helping him at the shop. He has probably 20,000 Lps or more… Now he is focusing on selling CDs.
His most Expensive LP in the shop is Dark Side of the Moon special limited copy selling HKD$12,000.00!
The shop is located in 7/f. Shun Wo Centre Mong Kong, 10 minutes walking distance from MTR Mong kok Station. Open 1500-2000 only. Telephone: 27825035

Mong Kok Snob

Sunday, May 22, 2011

More about Xhou Xuan DMM LP

I have been listening to this LP since I bought it from Sonata Club… I did not feel regret to buy it, instead I feel regret not to buy this earlier…!
The LP is embedded with all kind sweetness tone from this beautiful lady, and her unfortunate life… that died only in the age of 33… Is that the God's jealousy to her sweet voice?
The music as good and the record quality is excellent; do not forget the recording was done in 1940-1947. Of course they were recorded in mono… Thanks for the new technology of German Pauler Acoutics Studio to re-adjustment and mixing on the old master tapes, and the German Pallas Group for pressing the Vinyl…You will see this Little Angel is in fact singing in front of my two Harbeth HL-5 Compact loudspeaker powered by Marantz 8B power amplifier….

If I could, go back to 60 years ago, I would like to go to the Shanghaiese theater and listening to this Angel's singing. Who has been listening to Xhou Xuan was one of the most luckily chaps on earth…

I listen to some of the Shanghai Night I appreciate that kind of music and organ arrangement, … when I listen to the 7th song on side two… “When will you come to see me again” I feel my tears is going to drop off because of the sweet songs, great music and the great singer … the Germen Recording technology, if one of them is missing will not have such creation of fantastic music reproductions…

Too late to buy this great Album!!

To the Singapore Music LP loves Uncle Jack, Ben, other Vinyl Collectors... Pls get this Album ASAP before they are sold out…..
Kowloon Snob

Friday, April 22, 2011

Roger Williams' Nadia's Theme

Roger Williams Plays Nadia's Theme and Music of the Most beautiful girls in the World Including Nadia, Aubrey, Gigi, Jean, Mona Lisa, Pat, Leica, and Ice...!

Wonderful Tunes that no written words with my English Standard could possibly able to is very Easy listening, romantic and make me think of Some one...

It Contains:

Nadia's Theme,

Mexicali Rose,


Lara's Theme from "Doctor Zhivago",


Mona Lisa,

Theme for Elvira,

Sweet Leilani,

Gigi and Jean.

"The Album is something special, not that it was planned that way; it just happened. Perhaps the combination of ten beautiful songs about ten beautiful girls was all ythe inspiration I need. In any event, these cuts turned out to be some of the warmest most feeling playing I've even done on record. Best of all, the piano just seemed to play itself! When that happens; when I can not get out of the way of whatever pours out of me during a recording session, then I know something special has happened". Warmest Regards, Rogers Williams.

MCA Records 1976.

To me that is more than ten beautiful girls...

HK Snob

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Xhou Xuan's most beautiful pieces of Song

Zhou Xuan 1920-1957 A Shanghai Singer and actress. Who had made many memorial and melodic song... of the 1930’s This record was made from the original master mold plate of 1930-1940 stored in Shanghai Record company , passed to Pauler Acoustics Company in Germany for Further DMM master audio processing and touch up.

 Then sent to Pallas Group pressing company in Germany for mass production, The Vinyl is quiet, you would bother it is mono, it would create a lot of old Memory through the easy going melodic of the famous song like Shanghai Night (EMI B966 Record No. EMI 3565A Recording date Sep 21 1946, issue Date Jan 15 1947). And many other beautiful tunes! 

You would be amazed on what kind of sweet musical that was picked up by the tiny stylus drawing along the swinging grooves on the slow moving 33-1/3 RPM Disk… That is the Analogue Music … from the beginning to the End, pure Analogues… for all kind of sweet nostalgic memory of your first love. 

That warm tune is a kind of attitudes towards the master piece of the song writer sung by the most famous and Pretty Shanghais Singer Zhou Xuan in front of the Vacuum Tubes Microphone… in the Audio Recording room in Shanghai… 

The world was jealousy about this little talented singer and took her life away at only 37 years by a tumour in her brain! 

That was the tragedy.., for my idol.

Shanghai Snob

Friday, April 8, 2011

Eric Clapton - Unplugged / After Midnight

Eric Clapton's Unplugged was responsible for making acoustic-based music, and Unplugged albums in particular, a trend in the early '90s. Clapton's concert was not only one of the finest Unplugged episodes, but also some of the finest music he had recorded in years. The music was straightforwardt, alternating between his pop numbers and traditional blues songs. The result was some of the most genuine, heartfelt music the guitarist has ever committed to tape. And some of his most popular - the album sold over seven million copies in the U.S. Unplugged won the 1993 Grammy Awards for Album of the Year, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. "Tears In Heaven" won the Grammy for Song of the Year and "Layla" was named Best Rock Song. Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Two 180-gram LPs pressed at Pallas. Packaged in a two-pocket direct-to-board gatefold jacket at Furnace.

Never been released on vinyl in America before. Import copies came and -went, quickly becoming collectible. Now spread over two LPs!

Available in Sonata Kowloon.

HK Snob

Saturday, March 26, 2011

One of my beloved Piano Music Frederic Chopin 10 Nocturnes No. 11-20

This is a very dynamic, vivid, clear, melodic Chopin Piano Music Played by Tamas Vasary Recorded by DGG in the year of 1959 I guessed! I used to listen once at least when I am at Home every week end.

I have 4 copies...

Highly Recommended!

HK Snob

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Japanese Romantic Guitar Delight for a Blue Afternoon

This is one of the favourite Guitar Music from JVC SVLP-1002, Paul ( the Hong Kong No. 1 Vinyl Collector sold me 3 year ago. This is a Japanese Pressing, Very Quiet, dynamic, the recording could pick up a lot of hidden detail of the Guitar under the delicate finger of Shoji Yokouchi and His Allstar Latin Combo.
Look at this Playing list.
1. History of Lover (historia de un amor)
2. Kiss me more (besame Mucho)

3. One Rainy night in Tokyo

4. Sway( quien Sera)

5. Save the last dance for me

6. Magic in the moonlight (te quiero dijiste)

7. With you darling (Sans toi mamie)

8. Littke Star (Estrellita)

9. Black Angels (angelitos negros)

10. Una Sera Di Tokyo (one night in Tokyo)

11. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps (quizas, quizas, quizas)

12. You belong to my heart (solamente una vez)

The First one History of love , is my favourite music of guitar, a bolero composed by Garlos Almaran of Panama in 1955.

“ One Rainy Night in Tokyo” in international big hit composed by Japanese Composer Domei Suzuki.

The last one side one “magic in the Moonlight “Te Quiero Dijiste” means ‘You said- I love You-“ This sweet and romantic cansion of love was written by a female composer of Mexico , Marcia Grever in 1932.

Why I said Sad Afternoon, because of the Japanese Earthquake plus and my lovely feeling to one woman… who has not been able to understand me … thoroughly!
HK Snob

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tchaivosky's Patheque and Saint Valentine's day

When you are Sad, then you could have the feeling on what Tchaikovsky was thinking when he composed this great Music in 1893, The “Pathetique”.

The Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Op. 74, Pathétique is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's final completed symphony, written between February and the end of August 1893. The composer led the first performance in Saint Petersburg on October 28 of that year, nine days before his death.

The third movement as my favourite portion revolves around two themes, a nervous, jittery motif in the woodwinds and a majestic march originating in the woodwinds. As a march, it is very un-military. Its harmonic structure is established on the tonic and subdominant rather than the more common tonic and dominant. The jittery theme completely gives way to the march theme at the short development. Eventually, the orchestra launches into a full, triumphant chorus of the brass theme at the movement's end, often leading the audience to believe that the symphony is over. I had been to listening to this masterpiece that some of the people clapped their hands at City hall Hong Kong. And the rest of the sheep followed! What a Shame…

Well, Only if you have suffer, bankruptcy, devoices, of your girl is running away, or your girl does not allow you to enter the room when you are horny. Then you know how emotional and arousing pity this music could be…

I am listening to this DMS, Delos, Digital Master Series, recorded in USA and Printed in Japan using the latest digital technology in 1985, The Claims frequency response from 0 to 21 Khz, Dynamic Range better than 90 db, S/N ratio better than 90 db…

They used Schoeps 221B omnidirectional microphones.

When listened to this LP, I did not feel that is Digital, but a sort of Mild Tube like warmth of Analogue Music… Worth your Turn Table,Tone Arm and the Precious Cartridge to work on this 40 minutes of Enjoyment! And better Cry out Loud for your beloved! “Darling, come Back Home!
Tomorrow will be St, Valentine’s day, may all the beloved should stay together…. And Enjoy Dinner under the Candle Light….!!! Listen to the heartily tender words from your lover!!

HK Snob

Friday, February 11, 2011

Why Louis Armstrong called " Satchmo"?

Armstrong's nickname is short for "Satchel mouth." This derogatory-sounding moniker was actually a compliment that referred to his generous mouth (which was also reported to be quite dirty). Some say his nickname stemmed from his wide, infectious grin, while others state it was a nickname he earned in band class as his cheeks blew up when he played the cornet.

Regardless, "Satchmo" was coined during a 1932 trip to London when a magazine editor greeted Armstrong with "Hello, Satchmo." Armstrong liked the shortened version of his nickname so much he used it as an album title. It stuck. As we learned from our research, Louis was also called "Pops" and "Sweet Papa Dip." Why the latter?

This is Satchmo plays King Oliver…

You will love it for even ten second for the Song one side A.. "St. James Infirmary"
Don't miss this Great LP applying rge MS Recording using two Telefunken microphone units in teh same housing with their respective direction of maximum sensitivity at 90 degrees or right angle to each other.
What A Satchmo!! Bravo!

HK Snob

18 Selections from the World's Finest Sounding Recording from Telarc Collection Volume 1

Telarc is the largest American owned, independent Classical Recording company, with significant releases in the crossover and jazz categories as well. Founded in 1977 by two Classical Musicians, jack Renner and Robert Woods, Telarc has always been in the forefront of Digital recording technology and is known throughput in the world for is exceptional high Quality Releases.

When I was “kid” I used to buy those LPs from Telarc. And This is a CD made in 1992, recording many great classical recording and some of the good jazz, Started with Copand Fanfare for the Common Man, Steiner Tara’s Theme from “ Gone with the Wind”.

The best tune is Side A No. 5 Gershwin” I got Plenty O’nuttin from Porgy & Bess.

It opens a new arean of Hi Fi using my Western Electric tubes output stage CD Player. And my new Telefunken ECC803S and Telefunken 6211 at my line amplifier. The Sound effect was so vivid that Woke me up all in sudden.

Highly recommended CD… If I can find the LP… Wow, that couldn’t be more Magnificent!
HK Snob

Friday, February 4, 2011

Emmanuelle Earthquake Fantasy; I am In love with you!

This is one of my favorite Records for testing your Stereo System, at that time when Earthquake was showed in HK in 1975 summer, the first 4 rows of seat of Mongkok Oil Sing Cinema were removed and installed stacks BGW power amplifiers and loudspeaker to create the live vivid earth quake effect. It was like real and shocked all the seats, ceiling, your popcorn would jumped out when the earthquake in movie came…

During the First day of the New Year. I took out this CD4 version of this disk and put it on my Linn Sondek LP12.

It was fantastic as it played Emmanuelle on the first side of the LP, the familiar melody of this erotic movie theme music just resembled what I had experienced in the past year with one of the most important women in my life… she is tender, Talked like ringing bell, perfect body profile, a kind of nose that is not coming with Chinese, whereby the have a special face profile, tall and slim, sweet and that one could not be ignored that he is in midst of his most happiest moment in his life….However,

After I flipped to the next Side, The first music was Earthquake. The powerful earthquake roared my heart, it broke my heart as much as she broke my heart. Since the first day of the year if Rabbit, we separated…nothing seems could do much to help unless I marry her.

In the last section of the movie Earthquake, Stewart Graff (Charlton Heston) was wipped away by catastrophic massive flow water in the sewage tunnel when he wanted to save his wife Remy Royce-Graff (Ava Gardner). I wish I could be Stewart in the Movie to show man’s greatest ego to die for love. …but in the real life of a lone man, I have too many responsibilities that I have to work for. Nothing hurts more than your woman leaves you….especially that you have not done anything wrong..

I had run a few rounds of the Emmanuelle and I could not stop thinking of her…
I think I won't hurt so much if I do not love her.

HK Snob