Sunday, May 22, 2011

More about Xhou Xuan DMM LP

I have been listening to this LP since I bought it from Sonata Club… I did not feel regret to buy it, instead I feel regret not to buy this earlier…!
The LP is embedded with all kind sweetness tone from this beautiful lady, and her unfortunate life… that died only in the age of 33… Is that the God's jealousy to her sweet voice?
The music as good and the record quality is excellent; do not forget the recording was done in 1940-1947. Of course they were recorded in mono… Thanks for the new technology of German Pauler Acoutics Studio to re-adjustment and mixing on the old master tapes, and the German Pallas Group for pressing the Vinyl…You will see this Little Angel is in fact singing in front of my two Harbeth HL-5 Compact loudspeaker powered by Marantz 8B power amplifier….

If I could, go back to 60 years ago, I would like to go to the Shanghaiese theater and listening to this Angel's singing. Who has been listening to Xhou Xuan was one of the most luckily chaps on earth…

I listen to some of the Shanghai Night I appreciate that kind of music and organ arrangement, … when I listen to the 7th song on side two… “When will you come to see me again” I feel my tears is going to drop off because of the sweet songs, great music and the great singer … the Germen Recording technology, if one of them is missing will not have such creation of fantastic music reproductions…

Too late to buy this great Album!!

To the Singapore Music LP loves Uncle Jack, Ben, other Vinyl Collectors... Pls get this Album ASAP before they are sold out…..
Kowloon Snob