Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Best of James Bond 30th Anniversary Collection CD

British Secret Service Agent James Bond 007 was the creation of novelist Ian Faming. A former British naval intelligence officer, Feming wrote 12 novels and two short stories between 1952-1964 detailing the exploits of his fictional hero. The James Bond movie have been produced since 1962, collectively grossing an estimated $2.5 Billions worldwide. One of the reasons for their tremendous success is a formula that deftly interweaves action, humour, sex, suspense, Actions and the High technology weapons, never has there been a Bond movie that didn’t feature gorgeous woman, humour in the facing of imminent danger, an assortment of exotic weaponry and mechanical gadgetry suggested sexual liaisons, an evil villain and his murderous henchmen (and woman), larger-than-life plots, beautiful foreign locales, futuristic set designs, plenty of action in the hand-to-hand combat, high-calibre firepower, key chase, Aston Martin DB5, Lotus,
BMW chase on the road and cities, even going into water. And of course, a dramatic musical score.
As uttered 50 years ago By Sean Connery In the movie” Dr. No.” those word ushered in what was to become the most remarkable signature theme music in motion picture history.
Oscar-winning British composer John Barry’s exciting Classical Jazz creation: “The James Bond Theme.” Not only helped to propel character of James Bond into one of the most undefeatable international film hero ever, it set the tone for much of cinema and television’s soundtrack music to follow.
You can enjoy with those great Singers, Shirley Basseys’ “ Gold Finger and “Diamonda are forever!” Sheena Easton who made me enchanted, one of my idols for Sex!.Rita Coolidge, I have a series of Rita LP, the Long haired beauty and her beautiful voices treat me mellow and tender comfort at night when I am feeling down, the unforgettable tunes of Matt Monro’s “From Russia With Love”! and Also Lousi Amstrong’s “ We have all the time in the world; another nice song other than his famous “What a Beautiful World”
You should buy this 1992 CD, only listen the First “James bond Theme” and The “007” would be make such a great Xmas night ever been so vibrant1 so charming and grand…
HK Snob

Friday, December 23, 2011

Vinyl is Getting Popular again in Hong Kong

Lesser people knows, understands what Analogue music produced from the MC cartridge comparing with thee Digital music read by the Laser head. Especially the music was produced by the JLB 4343 Loudspeaker.
New people is happy with their MP3 device, which can store 15,000 music played by a tiny ear pieces.
Less then 0.01% of HK people goes to concert for Classic music a year.
Ask them Chopin is Chinese? I bet 3 out of 10 say “Yes”
Even some audiophile never goes to concert and always raise complaint to the Loudspeaker supplier that can not generate the 16 Hz Bass at his room. Why he need that kind of Bass?! Why is there is no 16Hz, that the music will lose it texture!? It is a matter of mis-understanding.

US now has sold 1.5 million LPs in 2010, though is not much comparing withe the total populaiton, but sales of LP is rising in US.
Same case in Hong Kong, note that is Wei Wei Music shop in MongKok, there is a lot of LPdisplayed at the windows. and obviously more and more people find out the fun to play Vinyl rather than the CD or MP3...

Mong Kok Snob